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As you know that Dry Cleaning services has a long history. 50 Years ago people used to wash their clothes in rivers and beatings clothes against rocks to remove dirt and stains. Later, washhouse is established, where peopled used to wash their clothes. But now, it’s an era of technology, now a day we used machines to wash our clothes without any hard work with less men power and getting better result. I can say that the true revolution in Dry Cleaning services is begun once technology and internet came out.

For working professional, it’s very necessary to manage their time for their business or official work. In this case they don’t have time to wash their clothes by their self. So, here you can say that invention is the mother of need. As a business professional, we found a scope in laundry service to help working professional to save their time by best services.

We follow some principle during Dry Cleaning services to provide a best wash in this location in very reasonable price. We always keep these points in our mind. So, we could provide a best service to our customer.

  1. Sorting Laundry: First of all we separate all clothes by color and fabric. We always used to wash, white clothes, dark color clothes separately. So, stay away from any damage of fabric. Some fabrics are very sensitive. So, we provide special care to those fabrics.
  2. Pre-stains: Address pre-stains promptly then apply stains remover mixture or detergent to the stain before washing. We always try to clean the stains before wash. So, we could provide a stain free clothes to our customer,
  3. Use the best detergent: Low quality detergent can lead a color fad issue, while best quality detergent provides effective dry cleaning and shining. We always follow the instruction of our expert for best result.
  4. Appropriate water temperature: Always refer the care labels of clothing to determine the recommended water temperature. If there are no instructions or labels, then we normally use normal temperature water.
  5. Maintain Washing-machine: We used to clean and wash some parts of machine regularly. So, we could assure our customer for better wash.

Same Day Dry Cleaning Services

I would like to assure that “The Dry Cleaning services” is depending on some specific requirements, like turnaround time, Pricing, cleaning requirements, and convenient location, so everyone can easily access the location for Dry Cleaning services. Once, you must visit on our location for quick and can say same day Dry Cleaning services in Gurgaon.

We provide dry cleaning services for Lehengas, bridal clothing, and silk sarees, we offer the best dry cleaning service. Woolen, suits, carpets, blankets, curtains, soft toys, suitcase, and leather jackets are all part of our dry cleaning service offering. We also provide steam ironing, Raffu, and color dyeing services.

As per our customer reviews we are providing the best Dry Cleaners in gurgaon in town at the most reasonable costs. We also provide exclusive deals for new clients. Dry cleaning rates vary depending on the service provided and location. We always do our very best to fulfill our customer’s need.


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